Banks: safe livelihood tightening mortgage non-mortgage policy adjustment

in the individual mortgage policies are sensitive to the time window, any banking strategy can draw a lot of attention. Yesterday heard about ping an Bank, China Minsheng Bank to suspend approval of two sets of housing loans, but according to Hangzhou loan officer learned that this assertion is not accurate. But can be sure of is that in recent years, two major initiatives to tighten mortgage, and has nothing to do with regulatory policies.

adjournment of the second mortgage and stopped got wind of the first mortgage, ping an Bank yesterday to this newspaper sent a written response said, on traditional mortgages such high market demand of business, ping an Bank have known to stop tightening in recent years and confessed to recently took on the ping an Bank branch mortgage approval, mortgage approval will all stop at the head office.

ping an Bank, said home loan demand on the branch reported, Head Office will give priority to support for the demand for owner-occupied housing loans and curb speculative housing operations. Ping an Bank, will be based on national policies as well as banking details, adjustable mortgage policies.

now ping an Bank approval mortgage rates: first home mortgage loan is priced at "85%x Bank benchmark interest rates"; second-home mortgage loan is priced at "110%x Bank benchmark interest rates"; suspended for more than three and home loans.

Minsheng Bank stakeholders responded yesterday, suspended mortgage is not precise, and stressed that Minsheng Bank had never suspended mortgage, but this also confessed to the Bank in recent years is to support small business loans too small.

practice over the past few years China Minsheng Bank has been gradually tightening initiatives of individual housing mortgage loans, earlier data, and by the end of June 2012, Minsheng Bank 77 billion mortgage for only 5.9% per cent of its entire loan balance, and this proportion had reached 16.1% in 2007.

it is understood that Minsheng Bank gradually tighten one of the main reasons for the mortgage yields up to their requests. The past few years, the proportion of credit resources to small and micro businesses, to the end of November last year, the Bank's small and micro loans break the 300 billion the Bank increase small and micro loans in this category is one of the reasons banks have the right to speak, banks can earn higher yields, currently the Bank's interest rates on small loans simply to reach the benchmark interest rate of 1.3 times times or more. Second mortgage interest rate is now an official request to 1.1 times the benchmark times; first mortgage interest rate is now the lowest the benchmark interest rate of 85 percent.

Societe Generale Bank business loan officer of Hangzhou yesterday said the Bank continues to provide individual housing loans to owner-occupied housing demand of customers, and the implementation of the first and second mortgage policy. In addition, within the policy branch at head office, separate customer qualifications and scope of loans taken for more purposes.

ping an Bank also said, according to the difference of operation strategy, in 2013, the ping an bank credit to small and micro businesses, unsecured loans, automobile and financial business strategy business tilted, meanwhile, closely follow the trend of the mobile Internet and e-commerce, and interspersed rely on group sales, active and innovative banking, I brands.

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