Some new bad loans, this will lead to bad loans and an increase in malnutrition rates.

some new bad loans, this will lead to bad loans and an increase in malnutrition rates. Compared to the rate rise, rapid increase of overdue loans made by the Shenzhen small loan companies top concerns. He said that compared with previous years, significant increase in overdue loans and overdue loans bad become bad loans there is a process. He fears if the overdue loans of enterprises in the future cannot be returned will incur bad loans and rates to rise further. Entered a period of risk-prone? Above the industry, financing is the micro-credit companies one of the most sought-after topic, and the regulatory policy by pointing to this sense. On the bad loan problem was but little attention. Hangzhou small loans mentioned above, General Manager, small loan companies has been presented for four or five years, and after several years of relatively good economic situation, micro-credit lending company was flying high. But as the macroeconomic downturn since last year and industry laws, industry-wide NPLs in the future will increasingly present. In practice, local provinces have started to address this issue. In late January, Finance Office of Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province, officially released the compensation funds management method of a microfinance company, rules on loans made by the small loan company in Zhejiang Province, losses can be given appropriate compensation. This partial compensation, without exceeding the amount of loan loss 10%, single micro-loan company loan-loss compensation capped at 300,000 yuan. Loan-loss of compensation is based on the annual loan classification in the "loss" class, to the courts and the implementation period has expired, unable to recover the loan amount is calculated. Agricultural lending small loans companies can be made without exceeding the loan accounting amount 2% subsidies, single micro-loan company the subsidy limit for 500,000 yuan. Long before the Hangzhou, other policies such as, on small business loans in the province even balance of over 45% of the total loan balance, and classification of over two micro-credit companies according to not higher than the 5% uniform small micro-enterprise loan balances of the previous year. Proportion of compensation awards. "Policies do not cover up the Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province. "Both General Manager of Hangzhou, the policy for this small loan company is the envy. He said that small loan company is to solve the financing problems of small and micro enterprises, in the face of customer credit risk is higher. Apart from small loan company itself needs to strengthen risk preparedness, Governments and regulators, should also be given some preferential policies and set up appropriate systems. Waiting to establish marketing channels "like many financial firms enjoyed preferential tax policies, small loan companies are not. "Said micro-credit company executives said, due to lack of relevant systems, micro-credit company running bad loans, continue to lack of verification. He said that policy at the beginning, related departmental rules only small loan company operations, confident of profit and loss, self-restraint, at your own risk, but with regard to the disposal of bad loans, there are no rules, the write off of bad loans has been paying for the channel internationally. The Central Bank and 2008 in conjunction with the CBRC issued the guidance on pilot small loan companies, also from nature, creation, termination, source and application, supervision and other aspects of small loan companies to stop rules. On non-performing assets, as long as the "establish prudential standards system of asset classification and provisioning system, precise cessation of asset classes, plenty of provision for bad debt reserves, ensure that the asset loss reserve adequacy ratio has always insisted is above 100%, comprehensive cover risks", about the disposal of bad assets, is not mentioned. "This file was launched, to no new rules, the disposal of bad loans is stuck in there. Last year we repeated initiatives to the industry associations, but formal documents not issued continuously. "That said, in this case, due to the verification difficult, bad loans only" press "does not accumulate. By the Hangzhou small loan companies officials say cannot write off of bad loans, have many adverse effects on the company. First of all, due to the small loans companies can only use normal business cancellation, did not write off bad loans, tax will be computed in the loan balance needs, but in practice the loan losses had become and demand taxes, therefore constitutes a double loss. Secondly, if bad loans accumulated more to bank financing will be affected.

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