Forecast cities prices are out of control all over the country the crisis

Hangzhou, vanke group, Yu Liang, President of the end of last year to the loan account manager said: "2013 the biggest risk is local urban property prices rose too fast. "

recently in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities continuously turnover, prompting buyers to" house prices could once again get out of control, "concerns. Meanwhile, the North Canton deep frequently shouted at Government officials for the property market, as well as two suites, such as stop-heard, regulatory tightening of the wind again.

people in the industry thought, if first-tier cities prices rise too fast, regulatory policy or promotion, and in March of this year the "two sessions" before and after the meeting, will be an important policy window.

house prices out of control concerns

after last year's four quarters of rapid development, the Beijing commercial housing inventory fell to a low point in recent years.

according to the HomeLink real estate market research statistics, as of January 28, the Beijing commercial housing inventory of 74294 units, reaching historic lows. In accordance with the current rate of sales, last year cycle in about 7 months.

although Beijing Vice Mayor Chen Gang stressed that the Beijing property market "supply and demand are balanced." But many in the industry thought, now in first-tier cities under the pressures of supply and demand.

bodies to a real estate seminar in Hangzhou loan account managers say Beijing commercial housing more than 70,000 sets is indeed a very low stock levels, Beijing property market supply gap in the first half is a foregone conclusion, this is the beginning from 2011 the inevitable result of lower real estate investment forms from time to time.

ren Zhiqiang, Chairman of huayuan group asked: "2012 buy real estate development enterprises, real estate development investment, new construction area were negative, how can it say supply and demand proportional? "

REICO said 2012 get down 19.5% real estate development enterprises, growth 22%. National real estate investment growth over the previous year of 16.2% (after deducting price elements of practice growth 14.9%), growth from 2011 11.9% to 4% lower than the growth in fixed asset investment over the same period. Housing investment rose 11.4% and increase 18.8%. Last year, compared to Office and commercial buildings, residential development and investment also landed nearly 3% per cent.

closely linked with the future housing supply indicators growth in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou cities, particularly caused by the demand and expectations of rising prices made this January and one or two volumes continue to remain high.

HomeLink real estate market research statistics, from January 1 to January 28, second-hand housing turnover in Beijing as 16660, the chain last month rose to 1.1%, up rose 5.6 times last January. In accordance with the current deal trends in January, monthly turnover will remain at the 19,000-20,000 sets. Pure commodity housing (excluding guarantee) transaction 10032, up 2.6% over the December 2012. January housing prices break the 23,000 yuan per square meter at 23259 Yuan/square meters, housing price reached 24962 Yuan/square meter.

Meanwhile, in 2012, the money super serious in China, vanke Chairman Wang Shi question is raised: "the extra money, how to control prices? "

" practice, each real estate regulatory policy implementation after a year or two, will render the supply gap, then brought is the plunge in housing prices. Such as control of land supply, negative growth in 2008 and 2009 prices will plummet. "These research institutions said.

"house prices in the last quarter fell after reverted to the inflection point, had once been a certain rise, but gains compared to 2009 also vary a lot. Prices will rise steadily this year. "Ren said.

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