Domestic universities in fact loans, student teacher credibility

hole has graduated many years long confused, because of their three times in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and China Everbright Bank to apply for a credit card was rejected. In February, credit from the people's bank system viewed a personal credit report only to find that I actually own a 5500 worth of student loans, is the loan once, but 3 months overdue on this form to his personal credit records had a negative impact.

in addition, happens to be, have previously been a teacher at the school was an imposter of loan of 100,000 yuan.

CDB staff branch loan officer of Hangzhou, Henan province, said the hole March their loan, but did not confess.

students say nameless back student loans

bore long Hangzhou loan officer, notify: "from 2003 year, I enrolled in College of Henan mechanical and electrical, during which basic has not applied for a student loan, no money. Bank personal credit reports show I have student loans, someone once, but after a period of repayment, which had a bad reputation records. "Hole March on a personal credit report provided by wrote:" on April 26, 2005, 5500 Yuan issued by the State Development Bank, Henan provincial branch personal loan, credit/guarantees, 6 issues, annual lending, due on February 24, 2011, in May 2011, to settle. "

but Kong Changzheng loan officer of Hangzhou said," at the new campus of our school, I suspect some school in the name of my loan from the Bank. "

CDB headquarters staff reporter covering student loans provide the hole school and name prove that Kong Changzheng name there is a payment on April 26, 2005 student loan, loans amounting to 5500. But the staff said: "there is no overdue, on June 30, 2006, he had to make early repayment. "

so, why he did not apply for a loan loan records and they name, CDB staff branch loan officer of Hangzhou, Henan province, said:" contact the schools and his own, said schools did have his own credit, but he did not confess, we asked them both to the branch to check in person. "

Bank payment records and credit reports do not confirm this situation. State Bank branch in Henan province's staff explained: "this loan is not overdue, graduation year had paid off. In May 2011, our system online, presents some mistakes are all loans closed on or before May 2011 to settle. 2012 credit system seizures a number of changes, a lot of people have misunderstood. This is not a bad credit record, we can prove it. "

this reporter contacted the College of Henan mechanical and electrical-sponsored Center, the Center said one fan after teachers query system, Kong Changzheng name does have a 5500 worth of student loans, but once made, overdue status does not exist. As to why, and little understood, "loans", teacher calls her to ask their talent to fan response. But as of press time, has not yet received a reply.


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