Zhejiang enterprises, such as banks tighten credit loan shark deaths

on January 29, the Lotus town, Jiande city, Zhejiang Province, Chou Kangjun, Secretary of Office to prepare early to enterprises. In the town, including silver plastic, zhanwei curtains, Hong Wei textile, Vinh Phuc

, shenghua leather, while bearing, run Ocean textile enterprises, such as had once been operational issues, some companies used bankruptcy, some had business owners on the debt are not used to run, there are

some companies in the worm.

Xiao Chen, management of agricultural science and technology enterprises in Jiande city 2012 break billion of total assets. The year is approaching, Chen's biggest fear is loan sharking debts of the company from time to time again


Hangzhou huanyu Tools Ltd is a well-known local enterprises, the current statistics show, including bank loans and borrowing, debt of 160 million Yuan, but total assets of only 1

billion diversified. "Now stop judicial auction of company assets, hoping to find a good home."

Hangzhou Beauchamps loan officer learned that following the universal tool company, and several large businesses face closure ... ...

"after the River, in the Kent region business loans in the financial system as a whole more strict. "Jiande, Hangzhou Beauchamps, local financial institutions to loan officer revealed that the silver

line of enterprises in the region have had a crisis of confidence, banks presents a different level of loans, many enterprises faced funding problems and stop running at half capacity.

many banks are tightening loans range

"bank credit loans not only continued throughout December, 96 million Yuan loan company, since Jiang, the company was 170 million yuan of loans by banks withdrew. "Is 2012

repayment day December 23 banks have in the past few days, sitting in front of a reporter, Zhang ping tied the nerve is still not back.

Hangzhou Beauchamps loan officer Xiao Chen, after the enterprise paid off the Bank loan, follow the stop the companies presented cash flow shortages, he had to borrow loan sharking guarantee company. "

after rivers burst, bank loans down, as long as the company is willing to lend."

Beauchamps loan officer learned in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Holdings Ltd, based in Kent and a number of related enterprises, investment expansion, mired in borrowing incurred into the guarantees "

crash". Data, and its debt reached more than 6 billion yuan, hitting private lending 1.6 billion yuan, credit, come on loans and other bank-related debts of about 5 billion yuan.

"China Construction Bank claims touched up. "January 29, Jiande has financial institutions to reporter revealed said, on in the river holding things on CCB of effect, CCB Deputy President Zhu Hongbo had to media

response said, CCB in in the river has 3 billion yuan money of claims, 98% above has mortgage and guarantees, which credit claims has 1.6 billion yuan, Zhu Hongbo while also admits, this risk will some loss

, has do meter mention dial prepared.

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