Perfect 1 customers, which has more than 5,000 cards

a person can get some bank cards? Generally speaking, everyone should now have more than one card. Qingdao Lady recently but found himself in the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank over more than 5,000 bank cards.

Hangzhou loan account managers, Bank insiders said that at present, a person can go through several bank cards and did not understand the rules, but a customer more than more than 5,000 cards is a bit exaggerated.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank said, the cards were on behalf of the customer's original unit in early 2004 during the reign of ~2006 for a joint card, currently communicate with clients, disposed of the matter.

a customer has 5707 card

Hangzhou loan account managers understand that there had been recent revelations on weibo said Ms people recently in Qingdao, Qingdao West Road, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to open an account, surprised to find that I actually own 5707 debit and co-branded cards, print details only spend two hours spent 48 sheets of paper. These bank cards in 2004, 2005 and 2006 respectively of batch processing, but these cards did not render financial flows and deductions. "

on January 31, the spdb official micro-blog publishing news said," recently, some media and an Internet Bank Qingdao more than a customer bank cards, after preliminary investigation, these cards on behalf of the customer's original unit in early 2004 during the reign of ~2006 for a joint card. Current customer information safe, we had to get contact with the customer in a timely manner and will be disposed of. "

Pudong Development Bank related to loan account manager of Hangzhou said card can't do it, so I stopped, all the original finishing, this mall also closed down, so is likely to be missing this liquidation. The person also said that at present the Bank is stop communication with customers, and will properly deal with this issue.

one person can do some cards?

says a State-owned business sector, yet no rules a person can get more than one bank card, but one of the more than more than 5,000 clients was too much. Not likely to go through so many cards, even groups of cards and needs according to the ordinary debit card application and with the.

on whether one can handle so many cards, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Hangzhou loan account managers, stakeholders said that bank card management is standard, and co-branded cards is things ten years ago, when the line is in accordance with the program to do. In addition, on a number of cards is not explicitly stopped.

in addition, the Shenzhen region also said the former State-owned line, co-branded card common continues to be according to the normal card program, or purchase or pay card with the unit when batch processing, but everyone handled also has limitations. He said bank card is currently no limit to the number of sheets, but the Bank itself will have some restrictions. For example, before his bank a person can handle three ordinary debit cards.

a joint-stock Bank Hangzhou loan account managers, customer service staff also told, which a person can handle 5 General ordinary debit cards.

the former State line also said, in the 2003, 2004 and the relevant rules, cards may be rather messy, as time goes on, but will gradually become standard.


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