Recently, Guangdong Development Bank and Huaxia Bank was accused of issuing credit cards, provided false personal information to apply for a card

lower threshold, people with incorrect identification of your identity, you can get 6 cards, industry warned that credit card junk storage

cards easy, take care of your "personal credit information"

with the advent of the summer shopping season, many consumers are shopping with a credit card. And the Bank also took the opportunity to "showmanship", have been offering a variety of concessions, to attract people to cards. Public, bank card, the "threshold" reduced, "only provide an ID, just a working unit and telephone, card will do the job. "

Hangzhou experience street stall credit card loan account managers handle found for identity verification of the card is not strict, as long as you provide business cards, credit cards," nothing else can do. " Industry insiders said, banks are profit-driven, in the process of card "dark fall" threshold, coupled with the cardholder's card incorrectly, extremely easy to bring to the individual credit risks.

find that

false information could run a 6 credit cards

"sigh of relief filled out application form for 6, want to take a chance, but unexpectedly run down. "Members of Mr Chen half a month ago in the vicinity of da Wang Road, see the credit card booth, then try holding the inquiry card staff.

"even the tables do not have to fill in, all they ask, I answer, they help to fill. "Mr Chen said that card only inquired about the home address, place of work, salary, and so on. "I open the shop, there is no work unit, are casually for a company name, Office phone quote home landline, only the ID card is true. "Chen has not description information to card's authenticity, card also didn't ask, just let him sign on the application form. And Mr Chen in Guangdong Development Bank, Huaxia Bank and other banks was signed on the application form, get a gift card left.

the days that followed, the completion of customer service call, "asked if signature sign, recognized that customers will leave information and did not provide any other information. "Mr Chen still receive a 6 credit cards now," each of the lines is the tens of thousands of per cent, down a hundred thousand of it. "Mr Chen said.


with business cards "not surprisingly can run down,"

according to Mr Chen's tips, Hangzhou loan account managers come to da Wang Road, near a Wal-Mart store, supermarket entrance there is a credit card to complete the booth. Hangzhou loan account managers to ban card user consultation, card said "as long as the offer ID and business cards or other bank cards on the line".

when Hangzhou loan account managers said that there was no work and when the credit card for the first time, staff told to "then you're going to get business cards, as long as they can show a work unit, can visit the landline phone lines."

Hangzhou loan account managers, and when asked if only take business cards can do the card, the card says, "not surprisingly Basic can run down, but lines do not give you that at least 10,000. "

Hangzhou loan account manager then call Chen the card issuer Guangdong Development Bank, Huaxia Bank and other banks credit card customer service.

six Bank staff said card need proof of identity, proof of work, three in proof of income can only complete proof. Hangzhou loan account managers, and asked whether the authenticity of the information provided affect applications, customer service staff answer the very fuzzy. "As long as the telephone dial, after making sure that I will enter the next review process. "A bank customer service said.

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