Hangzhou B2C network credit suffered profit woes, several silver online-empty

"new week, busy day. Good morning, everybody! "On March 11, the previously unlimited domestic Internet financial services outsourcing company" Silver line "published on the meagre in its certification after the last message,

suddenly silent. Also beginning on March 11, its foreign business promotion website no updates.

after 2 months, the originated in Zhejiang business suddenly was exposed by the media has been dissolved. Recently, people in the trade to the silver line's paradise in Hangzhou software Park, rent a few silver online has a three-tier

public buildings have been left vacant.

on one side are business lending is still difficult to understand, side is the more traditional financial institutions wholesale lending business extends to the Internet, this graft has been achieved between capital operation platform as a favor

, it should have a bright future, now-empty why?

reportedly disbanded

since April, loans and other lending platform for P2P network companies have announced more than fail. Outsiders did not expect is that this was revealed failures is a "large" well-known network of loan companies.

Hangzhou loan, according to several silver online has been dissolved. The report also confirmed from multiple employees, though the company has not officially announced the dissolution of the message, but in fact, this used to be the industry

referred to as "typical of Internet financial services outsourcing" of the enterprise was an empty shell.

companies were disbanded, and recently was the company Chairman Zhou Hangfang denied that he said the company is not dissolved, but some employees were laid off, is now being restructured. In this regard, the Hangzhou loan express a

step to understand the situation, but no reply had been received. Hangzhou loans are aware, on March 11, the "Silver line" its certification on SINA weibo, as well as its overseas business promotion website no updates.

online business silver digital financial services (Hangzhou) limited, and its Office is located not far from famous scenic West Lake in Hangzhou paradise software Park.

on May 10, silver online e paradise software Park building 5 to 7 layers, are locked the door. Office area on the 5 to 7, from bottom to top, respectively for the Marketing Department, Administration Department, phone finance and financial

product research and Development Center. Executives at 7/f, including company Chairman zhouhang, Zhou is also the legal representative of the company.

5/f, through the glass doors you can see the disorder, bonsai "collapsed", company literature, newspapers and disorganized, the huge office space is empty. 5 floors,

indoor cleaning office supplies, according to a staff member, these items will be removed. For the company's current status, dissolve or choose another address, the staff member has been unwilling to talk about.

"AG online in 2011, settled in the area, the House is leased, well developed in previous years, has been with Park for good procedures", Hangzhou, Hangzhou paradise software Park, head to loan people

say, the company's boss, zhouhang comparison of a low profile, community for his good reputation.

than the plight of several silver online has scenery infinite, known in addition to mayunali largest online loan companies.

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