Knowledge quiz

first, what are the loan process?
1, customer related information submitted by finishing
2, a professional team to handle tracking the process
3, reviewer information auditing
4, interview, instalment loans, apply for mortgage
5, Bank lending

II, number of identity card personal loans loan?
If a borrower only identity cards is not a loan. Currently, any of the lending institutions are not only based on an ID card for this loan. Therefore, the ID card personal loans loan limit for 0.
want to apply for a loan, borrowers are required to provide information in addition to ID cards, still need to provide my proof of income, proof of work, banking, water and other materials. In the case of complete information and good credit, you can apply for unsecured loans. Depending on the loan amount depending on the borrower's income. If it is for the working class, General credit monthly income of up to 10 times.

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